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Reducing project costs at the ground level.

Unparalleled efficiency in soil and material movement

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The Centurion Difference

Our advanced logistics management platform seamlessly matches import and export needs by leveraging real-time tracking of material surpluses and deficits across our network of sites in the area. This integrated approach significantly reduces material costs, minimizes logistical inefficiencies, and avoids costly delays, ensuring a cost-effective project lifecycle.

Materials We Move

Suitable Fill

SF / Import & Haul-off

Retaining Wall Backfill

RWB / Import & Haul-off

Topsoil & Unsuitable Soil

TS/UNS / Haul-off

Brownfields Soil

BF / Haul-off

On a typical project our methodology requires less time in transit, resulting in an exponential reduction in miles traveled.

Reduction in miles traveled

Innovation That Drives Value

More than just logistics, our methodology delivers innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, reduces miles traveled, cuts emissions, and lowers operational costs.

Site 1
Material Deficit
Deficit Amount
30,000 CY
Material Import
Structural Fill
Site 2 // Surplus
SF / Haul-Off / 6,000 CY
Site 3 // Deficit
RWB / IMPORT / 8,000 CY
Site 4 // Surplus
SF / Haul-Off / 12,000 CY
Site 5 // Surplus
BF / Haul-Off / 16,000 CY
Site 6 // Surplus
TS/UNS / Haul-Off / 10,000 CY
Site 7 // Surplus
RWB / Haul-Off / 12,000 CY
Site 8 // Surplus
SF / Haul-Off / 18,000 CY
Site 9 // Surplus
BF / Haul-Off / 22,000 CY
site 4
site 1
site 8

Innovation Meets Execution

Dedicated experts, both on-site and behind the scenes, guarantees seamless execution. By merging our team's deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience with advanced technological integration, we provide personalized oversight and tailored solutions that adeptly navigate the complexities of each project.

Reducing project costs at the ground level.

Unparalleled efficiency in soil and material movement
Partner Testimonials

As with most ground up developments, sitework remains our biggest risk for unknown conditions and cost overruns. Centurion has continually proven to find homes for unsuitable soil material and sources for needed material that has had substantial impact on our project successes both from a cost and time standpoint.

Shep Reynolds
Crescent Communities

Working with Centurion has brought a new perspective to how we approach importing or exporting dirt for our projects. Their innovative approach and expertise helped us in navigating sitework risks and cost overruns while streamlining our sourcing and execution, leading to noticeable time and cost savings."

Jason Mari

Centurion gives us options with importing or exporting dirt for our projects. Dirt is a rare commodity in that it can be a significant cost to a development...but when you have a partner like Centurion it can also be a cost benefit with their ability to find like needs."

Stephen Hoots
Childress Klein

Earthwork is typically one of the biggest cost variables in our development deals; particularly those in the Brownfields program.  In collaborating with the Centurion team we were able to mitigate risk related to exporting soil and that resulted in meaningful savings to our budget as well as construction schedule."

Jason Fish,
Spectrum Companies

Centurion was instrumental in hauling off materials at a reduced rate and in a timely fashion, impacting not only our bottom line but also helping us maintain our schedule."

Kyle Benson
MB Kahn